Hubert ZieliƄski

Born in 94′ in Zakopane. An acrobat with many talents by passion. A dreamer who spins his ideas and pours them on the camera lens. A man with a huge bag of ambition who strives to implement his unconventional plans. One of the best planner and action strategists. He works with his imagination and manages visions like no other. The definition of this man is element and mystery. A universal, unique and unrivaled artist and performer. If you want to rely on someone, its Hubert. “Nothing is impossible”

Natalia Steskal

She keeps it all together.

Kuba Pachowicz

Dance choreographer, freestyle skier, raised near Turbacz Mountain in Koninki. A man who gets strength from the mountains that surround him on every side. He loves Jazz music but also likes to listen to good rock. In his life he is guided by passion and intertwines it with every challenge. Professional and demanding player. Positive energy is the label of this man. The dancer’s smooth steps lead him through his life and both the chaos and the waltz in his performance is a world he doesn’t want to leave. One of those species that you don’t leave behind.